Caught In The Web

One of the truly wonderful things about being an Independent Financial Advisor is that it has really allowed me to open myself up and explore new and different ways of connecting with prospective clients.

I’m sure you’d agree that the past couple of years have been difficult for investors, haven’t they? Difficult because of disappointing returns on your savings. Even if you don’t consider yourself a stock market investor, you are discouraged with interest rates on your CDs and savings accounts. 

However a dangerous side effect to all of this has been that many people have scrapped solid investing principles. They have become like ships without a rudder, not knowing where to turn, and fearful of trusting anyone or anything. Times like these are when we really NEED professional advice more than ever, wouldn’t you agree?  

So where do you find good sound professional advice? Whom do you trust?

For someone like myself, I’m learning that traditional marketing methods – cold calling, mailers, and print ads have been less effective than usual in reaching out to others and making connections. Have you noticed that over the years, TV and Radio Programs include MORE ads and LESS programs? Its like that old Wendy’s ad (oops there is another one!) “Where’s the Beef?” We’ve become jaded and resistant to traditional marketing.

Again, my belief is that people need professional advice NOW more than ever. For me, its also very important to connect with clients whom I can truly serve. A great client is one that we have established a bond of trust. They have shared their goals and dreams with me, and they are open-minded to my advice. When they hear my advice, they can easily see that I want to help them reach their goals, and my advice is truly in their best interests.

So how does one find “great clients” without traditional marketing methods that aren’t effective?

Using social media websites has been one solution. Writing this blog has been fun, and its allowed me to provide professional advice which anyone can use and benefit from. Linked In ( is a great site to reinforce my professional side. It is my online resume and helps me to establish my credentials.

I’m also very active in my local Chamber of Commerce ( This provides some great networking opportunities. Twitter ( allows us to say anything to the whole world (in 140 characters or less). This is a good way to post notices for my blog or other articles of interest.

Facebook ( is an absolute blast, which has allowed me to show a more personal side, as well as professsional. And of course, all of these sites allow you to access my own website (, which serves as another excellent resource for retirement savings. 

Most recently, at the suggestion of my friend, Brian, whom I’ve know since high school, I’ve also begun a weekly internet radio broadcast ( Brian has extensive radio experience and has been very helpful in helping me get started. This show has been a lot of work, but also fun to do, and certainly helps to set me apart from other advisors.

I’ve always been a believer in giving. What goes around comes around. My faith in God tells me that we will get throught this challenging time, and be stronger for it. Someone recently told me that God is never in a recession.  Have Faith!

Please contact me at if I may be of service to you in any way. 


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