Wipe Out the Fear in South Bend


Feel like you are drowning in today’s economy?
  Shaky stock market?
  Sinking dollar?
  Staggering debt?
Watching the news may seem like an ongoing care wreck – especially if you watch Glenn Beck, who always looks like he will suffer a breakdown right on camera – but as horrifying and overwhelming as the news is, you can’t seem to pull yourself away.
We don’t suffer from a lack of information – rather TOO MUCH information. Its all so confusing and you can feel like the rag doll being pulled apart from all directions.
How does all of this affect your ability to save for retirement? Is it possible to still have goals and dreams? Can you still retire with dignity?
Dan Rather was once quoted as saying “If all of the difficulties were known at the outset of a long journey, most of us would not start out at all.” 
Nothing great was ever achieved without hardships along the way. As an advisor, my job is to help you resolve your fears. Let’s wipe them out and provide some peace of mind.
This year, when I became an iindependent advisor and opened my own office, I’ve been learning that most people would rather “not lose anymore” than to win with their long term savings. To quote another great American, Will Rogers – “I’m more concerned with the return OF my money than the return ON my money.”
With that in mind, my purpose has been to focus on helping people to find a vehicle that would “not lose” and still let you win. What if I could toss you a “Life Preserver” for your savings? Remember when you first learned to swim? Those kickboards or noodles came in handy, didn’t they? You learned eventually that the water is your friend. Once you stopped fighting it, and let it help you, swimming became more fun, right?
Russell Pearlman recently wrote an article titled, “Problems? What Problems?” from the November 2009 issue of “Smart Money” magazine. His article focused on annuities, which have become much more popular with investors as a life preserver for long term savings.
“Don’t tell that (regarding annuity cost) to baby boomers looking for retirement security at a time when their 401(k) plans are still hurting; they just keep buying annuities. Through the first six months of the year, total annuity sales were almost $127 billion, only a 3 percent drop from 2008.” he writes.
Again, the message I get from my clients and others I meet is “We want SAFETY and Peace of Mind.”
Can we get “Guaranteed” growth for our long term savings?
Will it be better than current CD rates?
Can we get “Guaranteed” income when I retire – also better than current CD rates?
Can we make sure the income never goes down?
And lasts for a lifetime – even if we live to 100 or beyond?
And when that lifetime does end, can we leave something for our family and loved ones?
In short – YES! Mr. Pearlman goes on to write “Are annuities for you? Experts say the peace of mind may be worth it.”
Another of my favorite articles this year was written by Leslie Scism of the Wall Street Journal. “Long Derided, This Investment Now Looks Wise”. “Because of such guarantees, many holders of variable annuities actually saw their accounts increase 6% or more in value last year, when the Standard & Poors 500 stock index dropped nearly 39%.” Ms. Scism writes.
Contact me today to learn more about how to get a life preserver (or noodle if you prefer) for your savings. Treat yourself to some Peace of Mind!
You can contact me through my website, http://www.helpmy401k.us and follow me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/deanvoelker. I also host a weekly internet radio braodcast, “Improving Your Financial Health” at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/401kcoach.

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