Diary of a Wimpy 401(k) – Day One

I haven’t blogged much lately for 2 reasons. First, I have spent most of my spare time on my book, which is basically finished, at least the writing part. It is titled, “Help! My 401(k) Has Fallen – And Must Get Up!”

That was the easy part. Now comes the hard part – getting it off of my computer and into book form. Then we need to get it into your hands, and the hands of those who need help with their 401(k).  

Then I had an idea……why not write a diary? I could log the process of getting a book published.

My daughter has really enjoyed the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” books by Jeff Kinney, which is now being made into a movie. The books really are funny, and bring back a lot of middle school memories. (OK, Jeff – since I just plugged your books, please don’t sue me.)

My other inspiration here was from the movie “Julie & Julia”. Don’t worry, I can’t talk like Julia Child, or cook like her. My main culinary feat is chili, and I don’t think Ms. Child ever did that!

The movie talked about how the other main character, Julie Powell, wrote a daily blog about Julia Child’s cookbook “How to Master the Art of French Cooking”.

So, I have decided to chronicle my adventures of getting the book “Help! My 401(k) Has Fallen – And Must Get Up!” into print. Stay tuned, this could get ‘wimpy’.

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