Diary of a Wimpy 401(k) – Getting it done

Probably the biggest question to answer was  “How are we going to print this thing anyway?”

The LAST thing I want or need is to print up a bunch of books and have them sitting in my garage. I also know that most publishers have never heard of me. So I started getting all kinds of advice from different people. 

People suggested e-books, or partial e-books, or different print houses. In January, I interviewed a man named Len Fox, author of Recipe Investing, a book which was not unlike mine, in terms of size and content. Len had used a division of Amazon called Create Space. Len had liked it because it was connected to Amazon. They handled the ordering through Amazon.com and could print 1 book orders. Once a month, they would then pay Len his cut from the book orders. Len didn’t have to handle any of it. He got a statement once a month with the orders and a paycheck. No hassle, no damaged books, no refunds, no crates in his garage, no shipping.  All of it was done there, by Create Space.  

Hmmm – that sounds good to me.  I was still working on the writing part at the time, so I kept it on the back burner and also continued to get ideas from others. A few weeks ago, I sent a copy to Carlos Frank, another friend of mine. I had interviewed Carlos twice for my financial show, “Improving Your Financial Health”.  Carlos suggested that I talk with John Rizzo, who worked for….Create Space.

John Rizzo called me last week and after speaking with him, I was convinced that this was the right path for me.

Create Space offers all types of services that will help you to self-publish your book. Self-Publishing allows you much more freedom and can really lower your cost.  John was extremely helpful in explaining all of the services offered. There are 2 things I really like about using Create Space.

First, the services are all seperate. If you need them to typeset or edit or promote your book, they will do it OR if you already have someone that you are using, you can do that. You have the choice.  When it comes to assembling the book, all I have to do is send them my material and cover design, and they do it. This is also impressive, since my index and resource guide are seperate from the main manuscript.

Secondly, because of their affiliation with Amazon, they will take care of posting your book on Amazon’s site and handle customer ordering and shipping for you. Not only is this a real time and money saver, it also prevents the possiblity of having crates of books taking up space in my garage! I am really looking forward to working with John Rizzo, and I would certainly recommend Create Space if you are looking to get a book printed.


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