James Gandolfini Won’t Call Me Back

I got to spend some time this week working on the promotional video for the book, “Help! My 401(k) Has Fallen – And Must Get Up!”

I must clear up the crazy rumor that’s been going around. James Gandolfini is NOT playing the lead role…..mostly because I can’t get him to call me back. Bruce Willis either. (What’s with these Hollywood guys anyway?)

James may be pretty useful though for those 401(k) reviews such as the one I mentioned in my last couple of posts – “Is Your Employer Wimpy?”

You know, he could tag along. We would just “have a little talk.” Get these companies and their HR people to see my point of view. Bada Bing! Yes, I need to keep that idea on file.

Also, there is NO truth to the other rumor about the video. After seeing all the fuss this past week about singer Erykah Badu and her new video, I won’t be shedding any clothing. The book could certainly use publicity, but you DON’T want to see me naked – TRUST ME on that!

What you WILL see when the video is done will be some cool animation with a piggy bank. My new friend Michael Rupchock (who does return calls) does some free lance video work through Pentavision here in South Bend. Michael & I worked through a small script this week and will continue smoothing it out. We are hoping it will be done in a few weeks, about the time the book should be available. This book is one of a kind, since it focuses on helping average people to get more from their 401(k) plan.

Once the video is complete, I will post it here, and on sites such as You Tube. The video will also be on the book website, http://www.my401khasfallen.com/ . The website will be up once we have all the material in place to launch it. You can still contact me through my website, http://www.helpmy401k.us/.

Happy Easter!!

Legal Disclaimer: No animals or trees were harmed in writing this article. James Gandolfini was not actually contacted about making a video. He also was not harmed in any way.

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