Get The Word Out

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the book, “Help! My 401(k) Has Fallen – And Must Get Up!” The book will be available shortly (end of May) for ordering from Amazon. Since this book was written to help EVERYONE with a 401(k) or 403(b), my biggest concern now is –
How do I make sure that EVERYONE knows about it?
Having a radio program is a real bonus. In fact, on May 29, I am doing a special edition of “Improving Your Financial Health”. With so many questions about this unique book, I thought the best way to answer them would be on the air. Be sure to listen to the program Sat. May 29 at 9:00 am on Harvest 103.1 WHME-FM.
If you don’t live in the South Bend area, or aren’t able to listen at that time, no worries. You can still catch the archived recording on my website, . All previously recorded programs are kept there.
My book website, will also include FAQs and resources which were helpful in writing the book. The new video will be there also, and can currently be seen on You Tube. I will write some more about this, and I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback so far on the video.
Most people are thrilled that I didn’t strip nude, a la Erykah Badu. (You DON’T want to see this body in the buff!) Although I can’t say the same for the pig, who is the main character in the video.
Sooooo, if you want to see a naked piggy bank reading a book, you will like this! (Don’t worry the nudity is tastefully done in an ‘artsy’ way.)
Anything that you can do to help get the word out about the book “Help! My 401(k) Has Fallen – And Must Get Up!” would be greatly appreciated.
For rolling over a 401(k), or the best rates on tax-free bonds, you can contact me through my website You can also follow me on Twitter @deanvoelker or Linked In
“Improving Your Financial Health” is a weekly financial advice radio program, which also showcases interesting guests. This program airs Saturday mornings at 9:00 am on WHME-FM in South Bend, IN and on my website.

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