Diary of A Wimpy 401(k) – Editing Part 2

Well, I am finally done with typesetting and editing on the book, “Help! My 401(k) Has Fallen – And Must Get Up!” . The process of editing reminded me of watching a potter making a clay jar. We’ve all seen the image of a lump of wet clay on a turntable, spinning while the potter’s hands mold the clay into a beautiful jar.

I actually finished writing in March, and have had my mother, my sister, an attorney friend, my compliance department, and several financial authors look at my “lump of clay” and give feedback. Then, when all of that was done, I turned it over to Angela Werner of Hohne-Werner Design. She was able to typeset the book and also offered a few tips of her own. Looking at the first draft she sent me almost felt like I was starting all over with a lump of wet clay again!

I pored through my review copy and made many edits, notes, and wording changes. I was pretty surprised at how many changes I wanted to make. My mother & sister did the same, and both of them caught things I had not. The great news is that now I have a finished “jar”. Now we just need to take it to the kiln and bake it. Amazon can take my material, combine it with the book cover – and “Voila!” we have a book!

Tell a friend. Use the promo code “401k” when you order the book, “Help! My 401(k) Has Fallen – And Must Get Up!” and get $4.01 off the cover price. By the way, you can get FREE SHIPPING when you order TWO copies. I will also have the e-book version available, which would save you even more. Just download it directly and enjoy the book!

You can contact me for 401(k) questions or rollovers at my website http://www.helpmy401k.us/. You can also contact or follow me on Linked In or Twitter. My radio program, “Improving Your Financial Health” can be heard on Saturday mornings at 9:00 am on WHME-FM in South Bend and recorded archives can be heard on my website.

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